How to Unyellow White Sneakers

Shoes made of white material can easily turn yellow when washed and dried in the sun. Long-term exposure to air causes them to oxidize. In addition, the shoes might still contain detergent (since they haven’t been rinsed properly), which causes a chemical reaction when exposed to the sun. This guessing can go on all day, but solving the problem is much easier.

Our shoes can still have that white-white look with a few simple household tricks.

🔴 Step 1:

After soaking the shoes in water, use a brush to clean the soles. Shoes’ soles are the dirtiest part, and if you put them in the water without cleaning them, the water will become dirty.

🟠 Step 2:

Apply whitening toothpaste to the brush and scrub the shoes. As you brush your shoes, you will find that they become whiter.

🟡 Step 3:

After brushing the shoes, wash them out. The shoes should be soaked in water for a few minutes to remove toothpaste.

It is imperative to keep in mind that white shoes turn yellow because you don’t completely rinse out the detergent when you wash them. As a result of the detergent remaining in the shoes, they turn yellow after drying. Start by soaking the shoes for a few minutes.

🟢 Step 4:

Drain the shoes after soaking for several minutes, and then cover the shoes with white tissue without leaving any gap at all. After the shoes dry, you will find that white paper become yellow. The shoes become white after taking the tissue off.

Covering the shoes with tissues after washing is effective to keep white shoes from turning yellow.