Which are the best mild detergents for vinyl flooring?

Cleaning products are mysterious, full of unidentifiable surfactants and detergents. They can make the homeowner wonder which is safe to clean their home. Vinyl flooring owe much of their success to their easy to clean and maintain properties, thanks to a polyurethane coating. However, aggressive and abrasive detergents eventually destroy their coatings. Owners who wish to maintain their vinyl in good shape have a wide range of mild detergents form which to choose.

Mild detergents
We recommend using mild detergents to clean vinyl. They can be difficult to identify, because many companies refuse to fully disclose the chemicals in cleaning products. Generally mild detergent has a near neutral pH and does not contain aggressive chemicals such as ammonia or chlorine. A normal detergent designed for hand washing, for example, falls into the category of mild detergents.

Vinyl floors are designed to withstand a lot of abuse without having to make a tough regular washing. Often, the only cleaning required is a thorough sweeping and cleaning with a bucket of warm water. The soil protection coating prevents spills from becoming stains.

Heavy cleaning
When the soil is very dirty or there is a spill, add a few drops of soap in a bucket. This is often enough to clean up the mess. Choose a soap that has no chemical additives such as chlorine. Both types of cleaners should be rinsed off the ground to prevent accumulation.

Natural cleaners
Many advocates of natural cleaners recommend using diluted vinegar to 50 percent water. Oil soap is effective when mixed at a ratio of ¼ cup to 1 gallon (4.5 L) of water. Both claim to be safer for the environment than chemical detergents environment, but are not recommended by the manufacturer of vinyl flooring.