The Safest Method to Clean Your Favorite Knit Sneakers

You don’t have to be afraid of cleaning your knit sneakers! The method is straightforward and safe. Make sure you keep your favorite pair of knit sneakers spotless. Discover the safest way to clean your knit sneakers.

First of all, you need to grab your supplies. You will need:

▪ a small bowl
▪ cool water
▪ mild soap, such as diluted liquid laundry detergent or dish soap
▪ two or more soft cloths (washcloths, microfiber cloths)
▪ a soft brush (an old toothbrush, a suede brush)

🧴 Step 1. Prepare the cleaner

To begin, dilute the liquid detergent in a small bowl of cool water. Because you will be dipping your supplies in it, you don’t need the bowl to be completely full. Fill the bowl half way.

👟 2. Remove the laces

In order to properly clean the shoes, you should remove the laces. Additionally, you need to fill the shoe with a balled-up cloth. As a result, the excess liquid will be absorbed. For a proper cleaning of the shoe’s exterior, you would only want the shoe to be resistant rather than soaked.

🧽 3. Scrub it off

Remove the dirt by scrubbing it off. Soak another soft cloth in the solution and begin cleaning the soiled area of the sneaker. Don’t apply too much pressure because you’ll abrade the shoes. Instead, use a firm but gentle approach.

💧 4. Repeat & rinse

Depending on how dirty the shoes are, repeat the scrubbing process as necessary. Once you’ve started the hard work, continue until all dirt has been removed. You will then need to rinse the cloth and wipe the shoes to remove the sudsy residue.

⚫ 5. Use a soft brush for stubborn stains

To remove soil stains from shoes, use a soft brush. You could use an old toothbrush or a shoe brush for delicate materials. Do not tear or pill the yarn by snagging it or working the brush too hard. You can use the previous detergent solution to complete this task.

🌬 6. Let them air dry

After cleaning your shoes, don’t apply any more pressure to them. Therefore, the proper course of action would be to let the shoes air dry before repeating the cleaning process a second time (only if necessary).