How to Use Baking Soda To Clean Grout

You know things get serious when your grout transformed from white to brown. That means the cleaning must be more effective and hard working. But not to worry, here you have a how-to guide and you can’t miss it. Get the most effective methods of baking soda to remove dirt and mold stains.

1. Make a paste

One method would be to make a paste in a small bowl, mixing equal amounts of baking soda and water. After you stir the ingredients together, they will form a paste. You can apply that paste to the grout for an easier cleaning.

2. Use a brush

Apply the paste you made with a brush and spread it over the grout. You can apply it with the same brush you’ll use to scrub the grout later.

3. Make a DIY solution in a spray bottle

Mix vinegar with warm water in a spray bottle so you could easier sprinkle it onto the grout.

4. Spray it

Spray vinegar directly upon the baking soda. A single spray will be enough to cause the baking soda to begin to fizz.

5. Let this mixture act

When you apply the vinegar solution you will notice a fizz reaction. Thus, leave it to act for about 5 minutes so the mixture could lift the grime on the grout.

6. Scrub it hard

Now, here’s the heavier part. Using the brush you spread the paste, you need to scrub everything. You will see the magic happen because the mixture in combination with baking soda will remove most of the grime.

7. Wipe it up

After the hard work of scrubbing, you need to clean everything by applying paper towels to wipe all the mess. Another method would be to use a sponge to loosen any bits of grime on the grout.

8. Mop the floor

After everything is said and done, mop the floor as you always do. This will give the shine and sparkle it deserves. There you have it, a spotless floor, getting rid of the grout.