How To Remove Old Grease Stains From Kitchen Cabinets

There is a greasy layer on kitchen cabinets, especially those close to the cooker, that is hard to remove when cleaning. There is no doubt that this layer cannot be removed with water alone, and many chemicals can damage natural wood furniture.

Here are some tips that will help you keep the color of your kitchen cabinets and eliminate grease from them.

🟢 Vinegar

This is an excellent grease cleaner, especially for those old and dried stains.

How to use

◾ Put vinegar on a dry cloth and wipe the closets.

◾ Rinse the cloth with warm water, squeeze well, and wipe the cabinets again until all vinegar has been removed.

◾ Next, wipe them with paper towels and see if there are any grease stains left.

◾ In case some stubborn stains persist, repeat this step.

🟡 Oil

It’s nothing to be surprised about. Mineral or vegetable oil can successfully remove grease stains on kitchen cabinets.

How to use

Mix 1 part oil with 2 parts baking soda until a paste is formed (if necessary, add more baking soda). Start rubbing the grease off the cabinets with a cloth or a sponge soaked in this paste. The same paste can be used for cabinet handles as well. Afterward, use warm water mixed with a little dish detergent to clean the cabinet surface.

Alternatively, you can apply plain oil to a paper towel. With the paper towel, rub the stains until they disappear. The cabinets may still be oily after this procedure, so apply baking soda and water paste to them. Use a damp cloth to remove the paste, and then wipe the cabinets with paper towels to remove any remaining residue.