How To Remove Creases From Leather Shoes

Most leather shoes are incredible comfy and it makes your feet happy whenever you wear them. More precisely, leather shoes will take care of your feet with every wear you take, but in return, you have to care properly of these shoes. Otherwise, your shoes will have an over-worn and creasing aspect. Oh, forgot to mention about that stinky odor coming out of them.

What proper leather shoe care means?

Well, since I was little boy this question has been following me! How can I take proper care of my stuff if accidents can happen? I’ve been clumsy my entire life, and seeing the daily menu on my clothes is just a minor thing. But creases in my leather shoes appear after a few months of wearing. Yes, creases are the result of over-wearing, but them appearing after a few months isn’t something you would want to see on your 400$ leather shoes.
Another important factor of creases in leather shoes are improperly putting the shoes on or improperly taking the shoes off and not conditioning the leather. Yes, leather is a bit demanding but it can last for years if you take proper care of it.

How to keep leather shoes from creasing?

  • Use a shoe horn when putting your shoes onto your feet. The shoe horn will help alleviate the stress on the back of the shoe including the heel. Shoving your foot into the shoe compresses the heel of the shoe, causing stress to the leather. Stressed leather will wear and crease.
  • Gently remove your shoes by slipping them off with your hands. Sit down and remove each shoe individually by grasping it and pulling it off of your foot. Using your toe of your opposite foot to remove your shoes will crease and damage the heels and the toes.
  • Place cedar shoe trees in your shoes when you are not wearing them. The cedar will absorb any odors and moisture left in the shoe from your feet. The moisture will warp the shoe and cause it to crease. The shoe trees keep the shape of the shoe while they are drying. Do not wear your shoes two consecutive days if possible. The leather needs to dry and rest.
  • Store your shoes in dust bags when traveling to protect the leather from moisture.
  • Use a leather cleaner that does not contain acid or a detergent, because those ingredients will age the leather and make it crack more easily. You should clean your shoes when they are obviously dirty.
  • Polish the shoes with a high-quality cream or paste polish rather than with a liquid polish that will dry out the leather. Polishing your shoes with a moisturizing polish will maintain the integrity of the leather and prevent it from creasing. Polish your shoes at least once a week if you wear them often.