How To Remove Common Stains From A Microfiber Couch

We will briefly outline below what you have to do to remove common stains from a fabric couch.

You need:

Spray bottle
– a clean brush with white plastic bristles
– a clean white sponge
– solution containing isopropyl alcohol. (concentration > 99%)

The brush and sponge must be white / transparent – in this way you avoid staining the couch when you clean it.

Isopropyl alcohol is toxic and flammable. Ventilate the room when using!

Step 0
Before proceeding to actual cleaning test the solution first on a narrower and less visible area to avoid any problems (discoloration etc).

Step 1
Pour the isopropyl alcohol in the spray bottle and sprinkle it on the stained area.
During the cleaning process the alcohol evaporates faster than water, so no water stains will remain on the sofa.

Step 2
Take the sponge and start cleaning the area.
If your sponge gets dirty very bad before you finished, replace it with a new one to avoid rubbing the old dirt on the clean areas.

Step 3
Let sprayed areas to dry. They will look darker than the rest of the sofa and will feel rough to the touch, but do not worry. Once the sofa is completely dry, take the brush and restore the sofa’s lint using circular movements.

The results can be amazing! You do not need a new sofa, because after cleaning, it will look like new.

Image Credits: 551 East Design