How To Prepare Jelly Lids To Get Rid Of Ants In The House

Ants are a real headache when they get into your house and it’s really hard to get rid of them. There are many products specially designed to stop an invasion of ants in the house, but you can also do some simple things to get rid of them. You don’t need a lot of ingredients, and the remedy we offer you get rid of any kind of ants, but also of other insects like kitchen beetles.

The only disadvantage to these ants remedy is the mess created after the ants will ingest the toxic substances from this homemade preparation. That means you may have to put your furniture aside, for example, but it’s worth any effort, because it’s a lot better than waking up with them in cupboards and food, right?

To get rid of ants, you need:

– borax
– jelly or jam
– lids from juice bottles (10-20 lids)
– a bowl in which to mix the ingredients
– a plastic spoon

How to Prepare and Use an Ant Poison:

1. Take the bowl and mix the jam and the borax with the plastic spoon. The concentration should be 5% borax, so the simplest way to measure is to put 10 tablespoons of jam into the bowl and half a spoonful of borax, and then mix well until you get a homogeneous paste. You can make more paste, just double the quantities.

2. Now that you have made the poisonous mixture to get rid ants, you have to put it in the juice lids and distribute them through the house, in the areas where you notice that you have ants. You don’t have to put too many lids, because the ants will be attracted to the sweet flavor and they will come very quickly to “eat ” the jam. You should put these lids through the corners of the room, behind the furniture, under the bed, etc.

3. After a day or two, you will notice how the ants begin to gather around the lids. They will also feed the rest of the ants with the poisonous mixture, because it doesn’t take effect immediately. This is precisely the idea of low borax concentration. If you put too much, the ants will die next to the lids and will not feed the other ants. Therefore, if you notice that they start to die around the lids, prepare the mixture once again, but with less borax.

Careful! Don’t let pets or children play or touch the jam and borax lids, because it’s a toxic substance.

Image Credits: Youtube