How To Keep Your Bathroom Mirror From Fogging Up With Steam

If your bathroom isn’t ventilated, I’m pretty sure that your mirror is fogging up quickly, every time you take a bath. And that’s pretty annoying for me, because I have to wipe it all the time, and those ugly traces will remain on it. But, as i was standing one night online, I found this extremely helpful article and I found the saving solution for a foggy mirror.

How to defog a steamy bathroom mirror?

When the bathroom is airy, just take your husband’s shaving foam, shake it, and fill your hands it. Spread the shaving foam all over the mirror, and let it dry. Once the shaving foam is dried, use a damp sponge to clean it, and the wipe it well with paper towels not to leave traces.

The effect of shaving foam over the mirror is incredible. It lasts for almost 2-3 weeks, and your mirror won’t be foggy after you take a bath.

Image Credits: Stocksy