How to Get Rid of Centipedes Inside Your Home

All species of millipedes have apparently hundreds of feet (in reality they have between 17 and 55 pairs of feet) and they occur in summer. Usually, we find them in gardens or outside the house, but there are cases when they get inside the house through cracks or drains.

Centipedes that get inside the house are in small numbers and can be removed easily with insecticides. Although they are harmless to people, they are very unpleasant because of their strong smell. In addition, there are species that secrete toxins that irritate human skin. Some larger centipedes can even bite.

They feed on decaying organic matter and sometimes with young plants. For this reason, these insects are considered garden pests even that the damage produced is insignificant.

Try a dehumidifier in your bathroom. You should also check for cracks in the floor and windows through with they can climb and seal them up.

Sticky traps (such as those used for other insects and rodents) are effective at catching centipedes.
Place traps next to the baseboards in the corners of your rooms to capture not only the multi-legged creatures but also the bugs they’ve been feasting on—which, incidentally, could help uncover your underlying pest problem.

Apply spray insecticide according to the manufacturer’s instructions around baseboards, doors, windows, and any cracks and crevices where centipedes might gain entry.

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Image Credits: Thaltech