How to Get Rid of Carpet Beetle and Their Larvae

According to the University of California, carpet beetles can cause serious damage to homes. Their favorite targets are fabric, furniture, furs, and stored food.

Carpet beetles feed on any material that contains animal products. This is why leather, wool, silk, fur, and other natural fibers are so often targeted.

Remove their food source

Get rid of all the extra clothes that you don’t need in order to avoid encouraging the carpet beetles to feed on them, and give everything else in your house a thorough cleaning. Make sure you wash your pets clothing and bedding as well to rid the surface of extra hair. Remove any birds’ nests near your house; they are a favorite spots for adults to lay their eggs.

Get them in the larvae stage

A female carpet beetle can lay up to 100 eggs in two weeks. At larvae stage, they are furry and very different in appearance, but it in is this stage they cause the most damage. They don’t like cedar, however, so it’s a good idea to have your clothes stored in a cedar chest if carpet beetles are a persistent problem, as this can act as a deterrent for a few years. If you vacuum your house thoroughly, chances are you will pick up plenty of larvae, which you can discard outside of the home or destroy.

Organic insect spray

Finally, give your house a thorough spray to kill any carpet beetles that might still be lurking in your clothes and furniture even after the cleaning. There are solutions especially for carpet beetles that are organic and safe for pets and family. EcoSMART is one such brand that has no harmful chemicals products and is known to be 100 percent effective in getting rid of these critters.

Carpet beetles are among the most obnoxious of all home pests. They’re unsightly to look at, reproduce rapidly, and cause a lot of damage to your carpets, furniture, and clothing.
When in doubt about the nature of your pest infestation, call in a professional pest control service.

Source: Do it Yourself