How To Fix Cracking Leather On Purse Handles

There may not be many purses in my collection, but those I have are certainly high-quality. It is the fabric of a purse that determines its quality, and leather is the principal “ingredient”.

I got this amazing leather purse for Christmas two years ago from my husband. As no wonder lasts forever, neither did this bag. Despite the fact that the bag is still functional, the strap looks like my dog chewed it up. As a result, the leather on the handles cracked, and I was no longer able to wear it. In theory, I could change the strap, but it would have cost me over $100 and the color was different. Time and money wasted!

As I was scrolling through Facebook one day, I came across this interesting article on how to restore your leather purse handles, which I used to fix my cracked leather handle.

🛒 You Need:

▪ Leather filler
▪ Damp cloth
▪ Smooth sandpaper
▪ Leather repair paste

👛 How to proceed:

◼ Place a small pinch of leather filler on your finger and apply it to the cracks in the leather purse handles.

◼ Wipe the excess leather filler with a damp cloth and wait for one hour for the filler to completely dry.

◼ Sand the problem area lightly with a piece of very fine sandpaper to smooth it out.

◼ Use your finger to apply leather repair paste to the area smoothed by sandpaper. Using this method, you will be able to restore the shine to your leather item. You should make sure that the leather paste you purchase matches the color of your purse strap.

◼ Before using the purse, let its leather handles dry overnight.

▶ For further information, watch the following video: