How to De-Stink Smelly Plastic Containers Naturally

Plastic containers are incredibly convenient in the kitchen. They just make my life easier for storing food. However, they also can get bad smells so I tried some solutions to work with that. Smells can ingrain themselves in the plastic containers and can get quite stubborn. Thus, learn from this article how to clean smelly plastic containers naturally. With some effort, they will be odor-free and ready to use!

1. Hand washing method

First of all, remove all food debris and scraps. Then, soak the smelly plastic containers in water and dish detergent for at least thirty minutes. Dry the container with a cloth and sniff it to see if the odor has gone. If the odors are still there, put the container in the dishwasher if you have not been able to get it out through hand washing.

2. Vinegar and baking soda method

For this method, you need to prepare a vinegar and baking soda solution in a big bowl. Moreover, submerge the smelly plastic containers in that solution with some water. Let the plastic container soak for 24-48 hours for a better sanitizing.

3. Absorb and remove the smells with:

a. salt

You can add absorbing agents inside the plastic container such as salt and it will absorb bad smells.

b. crumpled newspaper

Newspaper can also absorb bad odors left inside plastic containers.

c. coffee grounds

After making the morning coffee, place the used coffee grounds in the plastic container.

d. vanilla extract

Use vanilla extract by putting a few tablespoons of water in the container along with a few drops of extract, then shut the container.