How to Clean Tile Grout Like a Pro – Homemade Recipe

If you’re preparing for “after-holiday” cleaning, you should not forget about tile joints. We’ll show you how to effectively and simply clean those blackened grout joints. You need only two ingredients!

You need:

◾ 3 parts laundry bleach
◾ 1 part baking soda


Mix these two ingredients until you get a paste. The resulted mix should be applied to the grout and left to act for 10-15 minutes. Bleach will remove most of the dirt, but you should rub the joints with a toothbrush to leave everything perfectly clean.
Last but not least, rinse the tiles. You can use the shower if you’re in the bathroom or a wet cloth for other areas.

What you need to know when you clean grout with bleach

If you are using chlorine, it is better to open a window or ventilate the room. Wear “old” clothes if you want to avoid getting stained. Make sure your hands are protected by rubber gloves.

❗ Only white grout can be treated with the chlorine solution.