How to clean tile grout like a pro – Homemade recipe

If you’re preparing for “after-holiday” cleaning, you should not forget about tile joints. We’ll show you how to effectively and simply clean those blackened grout joints. You need only two ingredients!

You need:

– 3 parts laundry bleach
– 1 part of baking soda


Mix these two ingredients until you get a paste. Apply the resulted mix on the grout and let it act for 10-15 minutes. The bleach will clean up a large part of the dirt, but to leave everything perfect, it’s good to rub the joints with a toothbrush.
Finally, rinse the tiles. You can use the shower if you’re in the bathroom or a wet cloth for other areas.

What you need to know when you clean grout with bleach
When you’re working with chlorine is better to have an open window or to vent the room you’re cleaning in. Do not wear “new” clothes because it is possible to get stained. Use rubber gloves to protect your hands.
Obviously, chlorine solution is good for white grout.