How To Clean The Iron From Inside-Out

The iron is an indispensable object in any household, and its care is essential if you want to use it longer. Limescale deposits caused by tap water (on the soleplate or in the tank), dirt spots and burnt portions are the residues that usually affect the proper functioning of the iron. If it’s not properly cleaned, you will not only notice that your freshly washed clothes have been stained with the iron soleplate, but the iron will also be ruined faster. So here’s how to clean your iron with the easiest solution.

How to clean iron with baking soda

If you are trying to get rid of those stubborn burnt stains on the iron soleplate, and to remove limescale that accumulated in the iron’s tank, you need this simple and super effective trick:

– 2 tablespoons of baking soda
– some water

Mix these 2 ingredients until you get a creamy paste, and apply the paste over the iron soleplate. Use a clean and dry cloth to spread the solution and to rub it gently. Easily, the burnt stains on the iron soleplate will be removed. If the burnt are very, very stubborn and don’t want to disappear, and then add some vinegar in the solution. Now, the stains will go away for sure.

To get rid of limescale accumulated in the iron’s tank, just pour half a cup of vinegar into the iron instead of water. Start the iron, and press from time to time on the water and steam button. Yes, the vinegar smell is unbearable, but you can use a mask. Then add water in the tank and repeat the procedure. Your iron won’t cause you problems anymore.

Image Credits: Pinterest