How To Clean Properly A Greasy And Dirty Hood Filter In 5 Minutes

Grease and dust collects in consistent layers in-between the kitchen hood filters. At least once a month it is advisable to clean the hood, and if it is provided with aluminum filters it will be much easier to clean.
Hoods with metal filters are the most durable and most easy to clean.

Periodically check for dirt on the filters because the hoods may look clean on the surface, but inside are a total mess. The dirty they are, the more their filtering capacity decreases, and the odors and steam loaded with grease particles remain in the kitchen.

But I will tell you how to clean the filters quickly with minimal effort. You will only need a simple and inexpensive ingredient that you already have in the kitchen.

Baking powder cleans the hood filters in minutes

Follow these easy steps to get rid of grease and dirt from hood filters

– look for a large and wide pot to put the filter in it, fill it with water and put it on the stove on low heat;
– add half a cup of baking powder gradually, and use a spoon to stir continuously, because, as it starts to boil, it will make foam immediately;
– then put the metal filter in the pot and let it boil to low heat; you will see how the grease and dirt will start to melt and it will gather at the surface;
– if necessary, change the water and put the filter back to boil, with baking soda (follow the above instructions);
– remove the filter from the hot water with protective gloves and use a fine brush to clean the metal net of the last traces of dirt, and then rinse with hot water under pressure;
– don’t throw the dirty water to the sink drain, because you risk clogging the drain pipe.

Image Credits: Familyhandyman