How to Clean Baked On Food From Baking Trays Cheap and Fast

I admit, I like cooking in the oven. That’s because I’m lazy. I preheat the oven, I put inside the tray what I want to cook, I sprinkle some seasoning and I leave the tray in the oven until the meal is ready.
Unfortunately, I’m just as lazy when it comes to cleaning … So, the “burns” on the oven trays and pans accumulate and nothing cleans harder than the baked on food. At some point it seems impossible to remove them. Honestly, at one point I hoped that my gray tray with many black spots will turn into one completely black so that I no longer see the differences. It did not happen 🙂

Fortunately I found the solution and here it is:

The solution is relatively simple and you probably already know it. It’s called hydrogen peroxide and, as the name indicates, it decomposes quickly in water and oxygen. Although you most likely know it as a disinfectant, hydrogen peroxide has the ability to dissolve things. And it does very well, especially if you add baking soda.

How to proceed

You need about 4-5 tablespoons of baking soda and about as much hydrogen peroxide. Put the baking soda in a glass and gradually add hydrogen peroxide until the baking soda becomes sufficiently moist, but not a paste.

Let the mixture act at least half an hour (depending on how old are the stains) then rub them with the abrasive surface of the sponge.

Although the hydrogen peroxide mixture is not dangerous to human skin, it tends to dry it, which is why I recommend using latex or rubber gloves.

After all the dirt is removed, rinse with cold water.

The good news is that it works for pans and stove racks also. Do not prepare a bigger quantity than you need because hydrogen peroxide decomposes quickly and loses its qualities in a few minutes.

Please share this cheap and fast cleaning method if you find it useful in the kitchen!

Credits: Traieste Ieftin