How To Clean And Disinfect The Kitchen Countertops Without Using Harmful Chemicals

Whether you have a large or a small kitchen, the kitchen counter must always be clean and disinfected. And if you use natural products, the better, because you will stay away from chemicals, at least in your home!

Use DIY solutions, not chemicals

Because I’m talking about a surface that gets into contact with food, the kitchen counter must be cleaned and disinfected with great care.

If you use chemicals, you or your family (especially children) risk to get hospitalized because chemicals may accidentally get into the food, especially if someone suffers from some sort of allergy.

Homemade solutions based on baking soda, essential citrus oil, vinegar and water is best to maintain cleaning. If you want a thoroughly disinfection, you may use ethyl alcohol without additives, poured into a spray container. Spray all over the kitchen counters, let it act for 5 minutes, and then wipe everything with a dry cloth.

Never leave dirty food or pots on the kitchen counter
No matter how tired you are, don’t leave dirty dishes dry out with food on the kitchen counter or sink.
Bacteria that collect on food will contaminate everything, and parasites and kitchen beetles are just waiting for you to turn off all the lights to come and eat! I’m sure you don’t want this to happen.

Repair kitchen counters scratches with wax
Laminated kitchen countertops can be easily scratched. And a laminate kitchen countertop full of scratches can become an infection area. Bacteria, dust and food scraps (flour, sugar, etc.) can get into these cracks and scratches, and your kitchen will smell ugly, food will get contaminated, and so on.

There are all kinds of wax-based products on the market to repair scratches, or you can use a white candle to repair it. Just rub the scratch easily with a candle, let it stand for a couple of minutes, and then wipe everything with a cloth soaked in cold water. At the end, wipe the countertop with a dry cloth.

Granite kitchen countertop
If you have granite in the kitchen, it has special needs when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting.
The basic rule for a granite kitchen counter is that you should not use corrosive products (no lemon or vinegar), but gentle soap and soft cloths, to avoid damaging the polished surface.

For disinfection, prepare a solution of equal parts of hot water and ethyl alcohol, pour it in a spray bottle and spray over the countertops. Let it act for 5 minutes, and wipe easily with a dry cloth. Your countertops will shine.

Image Credits: Thriftyfun