How To Clean A Smelly Washing Machine

The ugly smell from your washing machine is the first sign that it needs deep cleaning. You don’t have to use expensive products to get rid of this ugly odor. You need bleach and white wine vinegar. And your washing machine will be shiny as new, and that mildew smell will go away for good.

GREAT ATTENTION: These two products are never used together because they produce a toxic chemical reaction.

First step:
Mix the bleach with a similar amount of warm water and wipe the accessible areas with a cloth. Also wipe under the rubber sealant door. If there are areas where you can’t get wipe with the cloth, leave a towel soaked in the solution act for 30 minutes, so the bleach to destroy any trace of mold, and then wash it in the washing machine. But start the washing cycle only with the towel in it.

Second step
After the washing cycle has finished, add 500 ml of white vinegar, inside the washer, and set a higher temperature. Now your washing machine should be clean, functional and mold-free.

Image Credits: Familyhandyman