How Do You Kill Black Mold Spores From Shower Caulking?

Most American houses have black mold problems, especially in the bathrooms. Mold remover products usually remove mold, but they do not kill it. Mold spores will appear after a few months, making your shower caulking, ceiling, shower walls, and drains black again.

Mold grows best in warm, damp areas, and the bathroom provides the right environment. It is therefore critical to control the humidity in your home and to fix any leaks.

What actually kills black mold?

It is imperative to remove black mold as soon as you notice it. Therefore, if you find a small amount of black mold in your bathroom, you should know that it can be easily removed using natural methods. Moreover, you will not only eliminate a black mold infestation in the bathroom, but you will also kill it.

Let’s begin by removing black mold from caulk

🛒 You will need:

▪ Bleach
▪ Baking soda
▪ A small bowl
▪ Plastic wrap
▪ A disposable paint brush

🧽 Removal Method:

✅ Put some baking soda in your bowl and slowly add small amounts of bleach until you have a paste-like substance (make more than you need, you don’t want to run out and this is cheap stuff).

✅ Apply the paste to the mold with the paint brush.

✅ Cover the paste with plastic wrap – this may be difficult depending on the area – just do your best.

✅ Leave it to sit for at least 1 – 2 hours.

✅ Remove the plastic wrap and clean off the dried paste. If the mold is removed, you’re done. If the mold is still present, repeat the process.