How Do You Get Hot Sauce Stains Out Of White Clothes?

You don’t have to be a chef to stain your clothes with hot sauce! As a matter of fact, hot sauce is the most common stain you can find on people’s clothes, and I make no exception.

The other days, my husband and I went to grab some tacos since I was buzzing him for weeks about my food cravings. And the miracle happened! I ate two tacos, better said I breathe in two tacos, and I can declare myself satisfied. Hence, the second miracle happened: hot sauce stains on my favorite white shirt.

I wouldn’t care so much if the stain would’ve disappeared after washing and drying the shirt, but it didn’t! And walking around with stains on clothes is like a social sin. However, I discovered the best way in getting rid of hot sauce stains, but keep in mind: the faster you try to remove the stain, the better chances of success you have.

How to get hot sauce stains from clothes?

  • mix 1 tablespoon of dishwashing liquid ( I prefer Dawn ) with 2 cups of warm to hot water
  • soak a clean, white cloth in the solution
  • blot the hot sauce stain by applying pressure
  • continue applying pressure until stain disappears

If the stain is still being stubborn, you may want to try the following methods:

1. Use vinegar on the stain by dabbing it directly on the stain.
2. Rub salt onto the stain and then squeeze a lemon over it. Rub it gently!
3. For silk and wool garments use cornstarch to soak up the hot sauce stain. Allow to sit for 20 minutes. Remove with a clean, white cloth – repeat until removed.