How Do You Clean Non-Removable Insoles?

In a previous article I told you how to clean the outside of your shoes. Well, that’s the visible part, huh? But have you ever thought in cleaning the insoles of your shoes?

Yeah, probably not or not as often as you should! At least not until they get that awful bad smell.
You can’t prevent your feet from sweating. It’s in our nature. So, due to sweating, we encourage bacteria to multiply which will release some pretty stinky odors afterwards. This nasty odor won’t go as you take off your shoes. Actually they will remain impregnated into your insoles. If they are not cleaned properly, you will end up with some pretty bad smelly shoes.

How to clean shoes insoles?
Well, it depends if the insoles are removable or not. Since removable insoles are easier to clean, I can’t say the same thing about non-removable insoles. However, there’s a solution for any problem.

How to clean non-removable insoles?

Cleaning non-removable insoles is quite of a challenge, but there a solution to remove that gross stinky feet smell.

Dryer sheets can be placed inside your shoes overnight to make them fresher. They will leave behind a fragrance to neutralize the smells and help remove the odor.

If your shoe material is suitable, you can try steaming the inside of the shoe to kill any bacteria. Use a handheld steamer, the type that’s designed to take creases out of clothes and clean upholstery. Leave the shoes to dry thoroughly before wearing them. This method should not be used on suede shoes, as it could damage them.

Charcoal is another superb odor eater. Simply fill a sock with activated charcoal and place it inside your shoes overnight. It will absorb the smells, leaving them fresh.

Baking soda can also be used on non-removable insoles. Simply sprinkle it into your shoes and leave it overnight, then shake out the excess the next morning. Leave the shoes to air for a while before wearing them.

Cat litter is another great product for absorbing nasty smells. Pop some clean cat litter inside a small cloth bag or a thin sock. Put it in your shoes overnight and it will take away the smell from your insoles.