How Do You Clean Grease From Glossy Kitchen Cabinets?

I furnished up my kitchen a few months ago with some glossy furniture. It’s the new age trend after all. However, I was very thrilled about this new investment until I cooked for the first time in my new glossy kitchen and splatters of oil jumped on the cabinets. I removed them with a paper towel but the oil trail remained which was visible from every angle and this thing was driving me crazy. I love the look of my new kitchen but the gloss it’s very oily. After days of intense thinking and trying all sorts of cleaning methods to remove those grease trails from my kitchen cabinets, I founded the best solution that leaves your cabinets sparkling clean without damaging the gloss or wood.

Important tips to clean glossy kitchen cabinets:

  • Use A Soft Microfibre Cloth
  • Avoid Any Chemical Cleaning Products
  • Be Gentle When Cleaning

Steps To Take When Cleaning Glossy Kitchen Cabinets:

1. First of all you have to remove any dust particles using a dusting microfiber cloth.
2. Take the chamois cloth and immerse it in warm water. Wring it well until it remains damp and start rubbing gently each cupboard using downward motions.
3. Mix 1 tablespoon of Dawn dish soap in a bowl of warm water and use another chamois cloth to wash the kitchen cabinets with it.
4. The final step is to rinse well the soapy water with a microfiber cloth, and then use another chamois cloth to bring back gloss to your kitchen cabinets.

Cleaning Myths

Baking Soda – It’s often hailed as a cure-all for stains and scuffs, but we recommend taking extreme care when using bicarbonate of soda on your gloss kitchen doors and surfaces if you feel you have to use it at all. The powder is slightly abrasive, so when you mix it with a little warm water to make a paste, do not scrub at all. Simply leave it in place overnight and very carefully wipe it off the next day.