Highly Effective Tricks to Make Your Marcasite Jewelry Look Glamorous Again

Marcasite jewelry is a special stone, a mineral in its own right. However, its maintaining depends on good care habits day-to-day. Moreover, with these cleaning tips, you will get a more efficient approach. It is really important to avoid doing more damage than good because marcasite jewelry is quite a fragile stone. So check out these tips and your marcasite jewelry will look glamorous again.

1. Prepare the groundwork. On a flat surface, lay down a clean towel to avoid spilling any polish or water.

2. If you need to, you could also be prepared with latex gloves to protect your hands. This is mostly necessary if your marcasite is set in silver. You don’t want to leave fingerprints from tarnishing, do you?

3. Another thing you need is a soft cloth. This should be clean and free of rough spots since it’s the main piece of cleaning.

4. Now, you can choose to clean you marcasite either by dampening the cloth or using it dried. However, damp cloths may help clean the jewelry from tougher spots of tarnish or dirt. So make your choice wisely.

5. This is the step when you polish the marcasite with the cloth. All I need to add is that you should use gentle, careful strokes since the material is very fragile.

6. After finishing with the polish, also make sure you dry it completely. In the case you chose a damp cloth to polish the stone, you need to use a separate, dry cloth for drying afterward.

7. Polish silver areas separately with silver polish or a cloth. Marcasite stones are often set in silver, which you might choose to clean as well. Make sure to use a separate cleaning cloth so that the polish does not damage the marcasite. Use a Q-tip to get to small, tighter spaces in the jewelry.

8. Leave the jewelry out on a cloth to dry overnight. This is especially important if you’ve used a damp cloth or any water in during your cleaning.