Effective Techniques to Remove Dust & Grime From Silk Plants

The silk plants are not hard to maintain. Nonetheless, they do require periodic cleaning to remove any dust or grime. Thus, check the most effective techniques I have tried so far for deep-cleaning of silk plants. You will definitely see the results!

1. First of all, vacuum them

You need to vacuum the silk plants before proceeding with substances. Use a small brush nozzle and carefully vacuum the plants, starting from the top until the bottom. This will remove any debris or dust, making it easier to apply natural solutions.

2. Forced air also works

There is some canned forced air you can use, mostly recommended for your keyboard. You can also use it on silk plants because it will get into the places the vacuum couldn’t reach.

3. A little cornmeal comes in handy

Thus, use cornmeal to rub off any dust left. You can do this by adding a little cornmeal in the bottom of a grocery bag and the silk plants. A little shake off for 2-3 minutes and you’re done. The dust should disappear.

4. The hairdryer is useful

The quickest solution would be the hairdryer if you are not ready to deal heavier with silk plants. Thus, using the cool air and the high fan setting of your hairdryer, you will get rid of dust in no time. You may want to do this cleaning outside, so you don’t get too much dust blown around your apartment.

5. Use a DIY solution

thus, you can prepare your own solution. Mixing together equal parts isopropyl alcohol and water, you can fill the mixture in a spray bottle. Spray your plants with the solution to remove any dust or grime. The alcohol will help the silk plants to air dry quickly.