Diy Cockroach Trap To Get Rid Of These Uninvited Guests

Kitchen cockroaches are those parasites that every house is dealing with, because are too many and too hungry. The reasons why they are “booking” in your house without being invited are varied, ranging from leaving food on the table or in various accessible corners of the kitchen, to the garbage disposal inside the apartment block representing a real invitation for cockroaches and other parasites, such as rodents. Apart from all this, however, there are other reasons why you can’t get rid of the kitchen cockroaches, just as there are some ways to get them out of your home.

Make a cockroach trap

Make a cockroach trap to get rid of several uninvited guests from your house.

You need:

– a plastic bottle
– water
– a piece of homemade soap

First, cut the top of the bottle (about a quarter of the distance from the lid) and position it with the lid down on what is left of the bottle. Fill the container with warm water, put a piece of soap and let it melt. Then leave the bottle in a place where you know that the bugs are passing, and the trap will do its job: they will try to drink water, but they will only melt in the liquid.

Image Credits: Diydrywalls