How To Clean And Maintain Your Wooden Kitchen Furniture

Cleaning wood furniture is not the most favorite activity. Well, you should not buy expensive sprays and solutions for cleaning wood furniture. Believe it or not, you can prepare different cleaning solutions using natural ingredients you already have in your house, ingredients you use for other purposes.

But even if they are cheaper, they work just as well or in some cases even better. Many of these ingredients you can find in the kitchen. It’s amazing to know that there is a goldmine of natural cleaning products in your kitchen that can give miraculous effects for your wooden furniture, even if most people prefer to buy expensive products to obtain the desired effects.

You’ll need a few household products, which are quite cheap compared to products purchased commercially for cleaning wood furniture.

You need:

– 1 cup of olive oil
– 1/3 cup of lemon juice
– 1 spray bottle
– 2 soft and clean cloths

Cleaning method:

Mix the lemon juice with olive oil, pour the mixture in the spray bottle and shake well. Now, do not use the spray directly on furniture. The best way is to spray the solution on one of the two soft cloths.
Now you can use the cloth soaked in this solution to remove dust and stains from the wooden furniture, but also to regain its shine. Once you have completed this step, you should take the second cloth to remove solution debris from furniture. It is best that the cloths to be made of buff.

Olive oil is a multifunctional ingredient. It can be used for everything, from salads to cleaning wood furniture. You can use this product also for polishing wooden paneling.

The combination of lemon juice with olive oil is amazing. Lemon juice cleans and removes germs, eliminates stains and dirt, while olive oil works as a natural softener for any type of wood.

Image Credits: House Activities