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7 Natural Ways To Remove Deodorant Stains From Black Clothes

Deodorants are very important for your hygiene, preventing sweating and the bad odor caused by it. But, the best deodorants cause several problems, and I’m not referring to health problems…they can ruin your favorite clothes, especially the dark ones. They white the underarm area of your clothes, making your clothes …

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How To Un-Shrink Clothes With Hair Conditioner

I think it happened to everybody to wash your favorite (or not so favorite) piece of garment, and to shrink it, because you set-up a higher temperature to the washer. But there is method that will save your clothes, which I tested already and it works. I shrunk my favorite …

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How To Easily Remove Rust Stains From Clothes

All housewives know that there are some stains that seem impossible to clean off clothes, sanitary items, and more. These include rust stains, which until some time ago the only way to get rid of such a stain on your coat or favorite T-shirt was the scissors. But, no, you …

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The Safest Method to Clean Your Favorite Knit Sneakers

Don’t be scared of cleaning your knit sneakers! This is a straightforward and safe method. If they are your favorite pair of knit sneakers, get them spotless. Keep reading and find out the safest method to clean your favorite knit sneakers. First of all, you need to grab your supplies. …

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The Smart Way to Remove Soot Stains Out of Fabric

Soot stains are quite difficult to remove mostly due to their dusty and oily substance. Thus, it involves a more heavy and smart approach. But not to go overboard, you also need smart tips to make the cleaning worth it. This is why I always turn to natural remedies. So, …

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