Borax-free liquid laundry detergent

Made with natural ingredients, this borax-free laundry detergent is tough on stains but gentle on your clothes. And the detergent is great for those with sensitive skin. This laundry detergent is so easy to make — but includes a little grating.

If you have sensitive skin, finding a laundry detergent that doesn’t cause itchy reactions or rashes can be frustrating. Take things into your own hands and make your own liquid laundry detergent that only has three natural and gentle ingredients. Soft on skin but tough on stains, this borax-free detergent can be personalized with your favorite essential oils, which also boost its cleaning abilities.

Here is what you need: 1/4 cup super washing soda, 1/4 cup grated Castile soap, 1/4 cup grated Fels-Naptha, small saucepan, 4 cups hot water, essential oils, funnel, 1-gallon container and warm water.