7 Effective Tips to Clean Any Type of Car Floor Mats

The rubber floor mats can also be found in cars, not only in your house. They are extremely easy to clean, however, the automobile floor mats require a little more effort. Especially, when we are talking about removing difficult stains. Thus, these 7 tips will come in handy. Check them out in this article and get your automobile floor mats sparkly clean.

1. First of all, shake it off

The easiest way to get most of the dirt and debris off of your rubber floor mats is to take them out of your car and shake them off. This will remove all loose dirt. You may need to beat them on the ground a few times to get all the dirt off.

2. Scrape off the dirt

Mud and dirt may dry on the rubber floor mats and be stubborn to get off. Take your floor mats out of your car and place them on the ground. Use a brush or scraper to get all caked on dirt, mud, or debris. Brush the loose dirt off the floor mat.

3. Vacuum all loose dirt

Clean loose dirt, debris, and sand from the rubber floor mats by vacuuming the mat. You can use a hand vacuum or go to the car wash and use one of their vacuums. You can leave the mats in your car or pull them out and lay them on the ground.

4. Cover the floor mat with cleaner

If vacuuming or shaking the floor mat doesn’t clean everything, you need to wash it. Pour or spray cleaner onto the rubber floor mat. Let the cleaner set for a few minutes.

5. Scrub stains with a stiff-bristled brush

Some stains may require more pressure than others. You may also use a cloth rag to wipe away any stains and dirt.

6. Rinse the mats with a hose

If you have a hose that has higher pressure, use it. Rinse away the soap completely. You may need to rinse multiple times.

7. Allow the mats to dry completely

Let the mats dry completely before you place them on your carpet. Use a towel to dry them, or let them air dry overnight.