6 Easy Methods to Remove Stains Out of Your Wallpaper

Someone just stained the wallpaper in the hall or a young painter has created a masterpiece on the wallpaper? What to do in this case? We found the solution and we show you how to clean the stains from your wallpaper.

It is important to determine the type of surface. For example, cleaning the wallpaper made of paper differs from the one made of vinyl.

1. Cleaning products

It is the easiest way to clean the wallpaper, but they are forbidden for those made of paper. Wipe the surface with a dry cloth before washing. Then wash the wallpaper with a sponge and foam-based solution.

After washing, wipe the surface with an absorbent cloth to remove the excess water.

2. Eraser or melamine sponge

Light stains can be removed easily from any wallpaper using a conventional eraser.

Melamine sponge removes even marker and ink stains. Keep in mind that it is a powerful abrasive that can damage some designs on wallpaper. Try it on a small and hidden area first.

3. Crumb

This method was used by our grandmothers when they had to remove the dirt on the delicate wallpapers. Press a piece of crumb on the stain for a few minutes: the dough will absorb the dirt. Repeat several times.

4. Gasoline and alcohol

This method is suitable for all types of wallpaper. Mix gasoline with tooth powder. This paste will easily remove older grease stains from your wallpaper. Apply a little paste on the stain and let it dry. Remove the excess with a brush.

Pen, marker, coffee and tea stains will disappear if you clean them with a cloth soaked in alcohol.

5. Baking soda, starch, baby powder

You need a solution of water and baking soda or starch to remove grease stains on wallpapers. Apply the paste on the stain and let it dry. Remove debris with a soft brush, then rinse the wallpaper with warm water.

Wallpapers stains can be easily removed with baby powder. Rub the stains with baby powder and let it act for a while. Remove the surplus with a napkin.

6. The iron

Place a paper towel on the stain and iron the spot. Periodically change the paper towel and let the wallpaper cool. Be careful, because the stains made by the iron can not be removed!

Image Credits: Scrubbi