5 green and cheaper ways to clean the bathroom without damaging your health

Bleaches, detergents, disinfectants and other commercial cleaning products, besides being harmful to the environment, comprise a very dangerous mix of synthetic chemicals that do not make you any favors to your health. With 4 items you already have in your kitchen you can leave a perfectly clean bathroom without damaging your health.

1. For the shower and bathtub: Lemon is very effective. Pour some lemon juice into the mop and clean the area. If the shower curtain had mildew or stains, you can wash in the washing machine and cast into sodium bicarbonate drum.

2. For the toilet: You can make a paste with baking soda and water or make it “stronger” with lemon juice. Put the pad and rub well all surfaces. Then rinse it with a cloth. You can also use hydrogen peroxide diluted with equal parts of water.

3. For the faucets or sink: You can easily solve the problems pouring peroxide and leaving it on for 30 minutes. Then rub with the mop and rinse. Hydrogen peroxide is a bleach and a disinfectant.

4. For mirrors and tiles: Mix one part vinegar to three parts water and you have a clean, cheap and effective solution. It also leaves very clean and shiny tiles. Vinegar has great disinfectant power and is also antibacterial.

5. For soil: Just add vinegar to the mop bucket and leave a clean and shiny floor.