3 Easy Methods To Get Rid Of Black Mold In The Bathroom

Black mold in the bathroom can be downright dangerous to health, not just unsightly and smelly. See how to quickly get rid of mold in the bathroom with 3 easy and natural methods.

Baking soda

Use a simple solution of warm water, baking soda and dish soap to clean the mold in the bathroom.
Mix one teaspoon of dish soap, a cup of baking soda, a few drops of essential oil (citrus, rosemary or mint) and enough warm water to get a paste easy to spread.

Bleach and warm water

Mix in a large bowl one part bleach and two parts warm water. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle. Spray this DIY solution over areas with green or black mold, let it act 5 minutes and repeat the process. Rub with a brush and rinse with warm water to remove the remaining mold.


Vinegar, like baking soda, does wonders in the bathroom. If you use a DIY vinegar solution to clean the shower off limescale, you can use the same concoction to get rid of black mold.
Spray the water-vinegar solution over the mold and let it act 1 hour. In the same time ventilate the area so that mold spores do not stick to other surfaces.

Image Credits: Moldy Facts