2 Incredible Helpful Ways To Remove That Nasty Chewing Gum Stuck On The Carpet

No matter how often you clean your house, at some point, you will stain fabrics and carpets, often with substances that are very difficult to remove. It can be very frustrating when you can’t remove stain, because it will be there, day by day, and you will see it, and in the end you will want to change the carpet. But don’t rush in doing that because, especially if you have stuck on your carpet chewing gum. This is the most annoying stains, and thing that can be on your carpet, especially if it’s made of wool.

Remove chewing gum from carpets

Chewing gum stains are probably the most frustrating, but the good news is that there are two very simple ways to remove gum from fibers and fabrics.

1. The first option is to take a bag and put ice cubes in it, and then place it over the chewed gum. After it freezes and strengthens, you can remove it with a knife.

2. The second method is to take a piece of baking paper, put it over the gum, and start ironing over it. The chewing gum will easily unstuck from the carpet and it will stick to the paper due to the heat that you apply over it.

Image Credits: Wikihow